[Mono-dev] SGen improved and looking for testers

Mark Probst mark.probst at gmail.com
Mon Dec 14 12:02:52 EST 2009

Hello everybody,

SGen, our new garbage collector, has improved quite a bit since my
last plea for testers about a month ago, so here I go again...  We've
improved stability, performance, and, most importantly, memory
consumption, to the point where SGen now uses less memory than Boehm
for the (not too complex) workloads we're testing it with.
Performance isn't there yet, and it's still not as stable as Boehm,
but I'd like to ask developers who want to help us to give it a try
and to give us feedback and bug reports.  I'm especially interested in
cases where it crashes and in cases where it uses (significantly) more
memory than Boehm.

It's still only available for Linux on AMD64 and x86.  To enable it,
configure mono with "--with-gc=sgen --enable-minimal=aot" and, if you
have a line starting with "ENABLE_AOT" in mcs/build/config.make,
comment it out or delete it.



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