[Mono-dev] Request for a wiki page for mono

ptr ptrajkumar at gmail.com
Fri Dec 11 13:48:04 EST 2009

Hey all

  I have been trying real hard to build a parallel environment for mono.  It
seems like the information on compiling from svn and setting up a parallel
mono is very out of date.



1) gtk-sharp is not required
2) mono docs have been merged to main stream


1) This information is not valid for 10.6 snow leopard, Certain CLFAGS need
to be set to force a i386 build.

What does everyone think about a wiki style documentation for these pages,
so that it can bring newbies up to speed very fast. It can be constantly
kept up2date and encourage people to build it from source , discover bugs
and fix them rather that relying on only installing binaries.

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