[Mono-dev] SIGSEGV when using WeakReferences in multi-threaded application

Daniel Weuthen daniel.weuthen-ml at deepinvent.com
Wed Dec 9 10:19:47 EST 2009


>   Sorry about that. I tried debugging it back then, but couldn't find
> out the cause of the
> problem, it seemed like memory corruption inside the GC data structures.

thanks for your comment on that. Although we added a workaround for that
particular problem in our software, this cannot be the final solution.
Our software works dramatically slower with that workaround.

If there is something wrong with the GC shouldn't that be fixed
sometime? As we got some more issues with segfaults of the mono runtime,
we fear that those may occur due to the same problem weak references in
our multi-threaded application.


Daniel Weuthen

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