[Mono-dev] Why not build official site on ASP.NET? Mono should enhance server performance and stability!

Laser Lu laser_lu at 163.com
Sun Dec 6 18:57:22 EST 2009

I was just wondering, why the mono official site was not built on
ASP.NET/C#? That would be a good demonstration. 

Currently, I'm developing a Web IM program, and it works fine on
Windows/.NET. However, the same code had a poor performance on Linux/Mono,
and seems very unstable.

So I doubt whether Mono is suitable for developing server programs which
should be able to handle a huge amount of concurrent requests.

I wish the Mono team would pay much more attentions to server applications,
and enhance the server stability or just concentrate on server applications,
not just catching up with Microsoft's new cool features. Because Linux/Unix
is used as server under 90% circumstances, performance and stability is the
most import thing!


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