[Mono-dev] crashes while executing System.Buffer.BlockCopyInternal

Daniel Weuthen daniel.weuthen-ml at deepinvent.com
Thu Dec 3 06:06:56 EST 2009

>> No, could you fill a bug report on this to avoid getting it lost on
>> the mailing list archives?
> I spoke today with Daniel on the phone and looked at these errors;
> Sadly with the information posted there is not much that we can do to
> find the problem.
> I have asked Daniel to provide us with a self-contained test case.

I am currently running valgrind on our software to find some more
information what causes the error. As far as I can see from what
valgrind logs, there seem to be some problems with firebird, as the
first millions of bugs are reported just while the database is read
before the first window gets opened.

I will speak to our developers, to provide a test case as soon as
possible. I will file a bug then.

I am really thankful for those information you provided me on the phone.
I feel things are moving forward now.


Daniel Weuthen

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