[Mono-dev] How to improve Dataset Performance

APS dev.malst at apsystems.it
Wed Dec 2 07:05:42 EST 2009


I'm testing some old elaboration that cycles on a large datatable and 
for every rows makes several selections on separated datatables.
This elaboration is really slow on mono and fast on MS.NET, let say 
400secs vs 4 secs.
It seems that last rows are slower that first rows.
I made some test on datasets scroll and I saw that mono performance 
is better than MS.NET so the delay is due to inner selections.
I changed datatable.select in defaultview.sort and I gained 200secs, 
still too slow.
Now I've identified some datatable.compute as the main delay source. 
I'll try to change them using Linq but the question is: there's some 
known performance problem in dataset heavy usage, there's some best 
pratice that you can suggest to speed up elaborations?
Thanks in advance.

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