[Mono-dev] C# Binding for elektra

Vladimir Giszpenc vgiszpenc at dsci.com
Tue Aug 25 14:37:13 EDT 2009


Is someone planning to write a .Net binding to Elektra (1)?  Like GConf,
Elektra is a place to put configuration data.  It is different in that
it would be accessible even when you want to run without X and Gtk (and
the many other GConf dependencies).  I need this for some buildbot
testing of my app.

Assuming no one is looking at this, is the general recommendation to 

1.  Do it by hand?
2.  Use SWIG to do everything?
3.  Use SWIG some special way?
4.  Other?

Are there any tutorials/howtos or other references to write a good



(1)  http://elektra.g4ii.com/Main_Page

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