[Mono-dev] Embedding mono and reducing the number of etc/lib required files

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Sat Aug 22 17:59:29 EDT 2009

romain lelong wrote:
> - Is it possible to "fuse" all these "lib & etc" files directly
> inside the .EXE file or into one big external "resources" file ? I
> would like to hide all these small files and limit the risk for an
> user to damage or hijack my program by removing/replacing the
> libraries in these directories...

Have a look at mkbundle, a tool which comes with Mono:


Use the "--nomain" option and call mono_mkbundle_init () just
before mono_jit_init () in you app.

Note that you need cygwin to be able to create bundles on Windows.


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