[Mono-dev] Mono C# Serial Port problem

Shawn Schaerer shawn.schaerer at gmail.com
Fri Aug 21 22:41:55 EDT 2009

Hi Mauricio,

Are implementation was for OSX and we did not implement events.
However we did make a threaded read and write that uses select on the
port to see if there is data.
Here is the where the code can be downloaded.

I hope this helps.

> Hi Shawn:
> We are working heavily with serial ports on mono linux here at my Univ.
> and so far all works kind of ok doing read/write calls , but now we
> really need the incoming data event, but also be able to write to the
> serial port, so we can't do threading loops makings reads on the port
> becouse that blocks the writing, so I wonder if you are still willing to
> share your serial port re-implementation to the mono project or at least
> help me to implement the incoming data event?
> in advance, thank you very much...
> Mauricio

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