[Mono-dev] Change how mono_method_get_param_names works

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Tue Aug 18 11:37:07 EDT 2009

Hi Rodrigo,

Rodrigo Kumpera wrote:
> Hi Paolo,
> I think that mono_method_get_param_names should be changed to not require
> the caller to
> figure out the number of parameters. In adition to that, this function has
> no way to return an
> error back to the caller.
> My suggestion is to change it to
> MonoError mono_method_get_param_names (MonoMethod *method, char **names, int
> *params)
> On success names points to a g_malloc'd array of *params strings that come
> from assembly memory.
> On failure names and params are left untouched.

Speaking of which, besides the param names there is another
bit of information not available from mono_method_* or
mono_signature_*: the param attributes. I'm using this function
to obtain them:

  * same semantics like mono_method_get_param_names
mono_method_get_param_attrs (MonoMethod *method, guint32 *attrs)
	MonoClass *clazz = mono_method_get_class (method);
	MonoImage *image = mono_class_get_image (clazz);
	const MonoTableInfo *methodt, *paramt;
	guint32 idx;

	methodt = mono_image_get_table_info (image, MONO_TABLE_METHOD);
	paramt = mono_image_get_table_info (image, MONO_TABLE_PARAM);

	idx = mono_method_get_index (method);
	if (idx > 0) {
		guint param_index = mono_metadata_decode_row_col (methodt, idx - 1, 
		guint32 cols [MONO_PARAM_SIZE];
		int i, lastp;

		if (idx < mono_table_info_get_rows (methodt))
			lastp = mono_metadata_decode_row_col (methodt, idx, 
			lastp = mono_table_info_get_rows (paramt) + 1;

		for (i = param_index; i < lastp; i++) {
			mono_metadata_decode_row (paramt, i - 1, cols, MONO_PARAM_SIZE);
			if (cols [MONO_PARAM_SEQUENCE])
				attrs [cols [MONO_PARAM_SEQUENCE] - 1] = cols [MONO_PARAM_FLAGS];

It would be nice to have a function which is able to obtain
these infos at a time, maybe mono_method_get_param_infos ()
returning a MonoParamInfo* (TBD) array.


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