[Mono-dev] glibsharpglue-2

Christian Hoff christian_hoff at gmx.net
Sun Aug 16 15:12:43 EDT 2009

Jon Shemitz wrote:
> I’m trying to use GLib.Value, and I’m getting
> System.TypeInitializationException : An exception was thrown by the 
> type initializer for GLib.GType
> ----> System.DllNotFoundException : glibsharpglue-2
> I found /scratchbox/mono/lib/gtk-sharp-2.0/libglibsharpglue-2.so and 
> copied it to both a path in LD_LIBRARY_PATH and the directory where my 
> mono libraries live … no good. Now, this was dumb, because the 
> scratchbox so would be x86, and I’m running on an ARM, but:
> Is this even close to right? If I’d compiled glibsharpglue-2 for ARM, 
> would putting libglibsharpglue-2.so in a LD_LIBRARY_PATH be the way to 
> get rid of this exception?
Yes. BTW, if you're only interested in GLib, you can build Gtk# from 
trunk. it doesn't need a C glue lib any more (except for 
GLib.Thread.Supported). The disadvantage when using SVN is that we have 
already bumped up the assembly versions to 2.90 and killed the policies 
for 2.12 compatibility, even though we are still binding Gtk+ 2.14 :-) .
> [I ask, rather than try, because apparently this will be sort of 
> non-trivial. When I run ./configure for gtk-sharp, I get
> checking for csc.exe... no
> configure: error: You need to install either mono or .Net
> even though I *am* able to compile with gmcs.]
configure only checks for csc when it doesn't detect a mono runtime. It 
uses pkg-config which searches for a "mono.pc" file somewhere in your 
So there must be an issue with your Mono installation. Have a look at the

checking for MONO_DEPENDENCY... yes/no line printed by configure. This 
should return "yes" on your system.

I'm not sure if someone has ever tested Gtk# on ARM; good luck :-)


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