[Mono-dev] Occasional native stack trace in mono

Zoltan Varga vargaz at gmail.com
Tue Aug 4 08:07:39 EDT 2009


  You can try compiling mono from source, so the runtime has debugging
symbols, so you
get more meaningfull stacktraces.


On Tue, Aug 4, 2009 at 12:31 PM, Maciej Paszta <paszczi at go2.pl> wrote:

> Hi!
> I've written a custom server software that handles several connections and
> processes data that is sent across them. Application is running on mono
> on debian unstable (amd64). From time to time mono tends to throw
> native stack trace:
>         mono [0x47ea60]
>         mono [0x4aec9d]
>         /lib/libpthread.so.0 [0x7f6a02a137b0]
>         mono [0x47c6cb]
>         mono [0x47d6d3]
>         mono [0x47d7c6]
>         mono [0x4aedee]
>         /lib/libpthread.so.0 [0x7f6a02a137b0]
>         [0x417c05e0]
> And application hangs completely. So far I'm unable to debug the root cause
> of this (only happens on debian - so far our server on SuSE didn't die this
> way). Does anyone have any clue on what can be causing this (maybe wrong
> socket handling as this error happens when client disconnects) ?
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> Maciej Paszta
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