[Mono-dev] Mono.Cairo on OSX

Christian Hergert chris at dronelabs.com
Tue Aug 4 04:00:04 EDT 2009

It looks like Mono.Cairo is trying to load libcairo.so.2 on OS X.   
Creating the following Mono.Cairo.dll.config works for me.

   <dllmap dll="libcairo-2.dll" target="libcairo.2.dylib"/>

However, I'm not sure how to go around making a proper patch as you  
folks would like it.  The reason I ask is because I don't see any  
other dll's in mcs/class/ that have dllmaps based on platform (and  
maybe this will require a configure.in change).

So if you provide me a little direction, I'll go ahead and submit a  

-- Christian

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