[Mono-dev] [PATCH] Bug in Mono.Posix handling '+::::::' entry in /etc/passwd

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Tue Apr 28 06:27:42 EDT 2009

Jonathan Pryor wrote:
> Perhaps I'm mis-reading that, but it implies to me that if NIS is
> configured properly getpwent(3) should actually return NIS entries, not
> return the '+:...' record from /etc/passwd directly.  (Does anybody have
> NIS setup to see what getpwent(3) actually does?)

On a well configured Linux NIS client, those entries are invisible
to getpwent. My mono machines are all NIS clients and I've never
seen this unit test failing.

> In any event, I believe it's a Bad Idea (TM) for
> UnixUserInfo.GetLocalUsers() to start skipping entries that getpwent(3)
> is returning.  If a user should be skipped, then the code calling
> UnixUserInfo.GetLocalUsers() should skip it, otherwise we're silently
> dropping data in a difficult-to-debug manner.

I agree.


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