[Mono-dev] Mono's DateTime not implement same interfaces as .NET

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Thu Apr 23 14:38:38 EDT 2009

Kriss Sonic wrote:
> Isn't that a dead-end policy, as
> 1. they are not that many existing Mono-based applications,
> 2. it could make people afraid of moving to Mono (with mistaken thought like
> "they don't want to be compatible") and
> 3. it also means more and more .NET projects will be incompatible with Mono.
> I would have said that, as long as the existing set of known Mono
> applications is still relatively little, it's time to remove all these
> borders, notably when they concern very basic but omnipresent classes such
> as DateTime. After, it will be too late. At minimum, I'd recommend to make
> the statements clearer on the go-mono's FAQ.

There are statements about serialization issues on the FAQ.

DateTime is somewhat special because all known formatters
provide custom serialization for basic types & DateTime.
ISerializable is not even taken into account for those types.

This means that the issue is pretty minor as it's seldom
seen in real applications.


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