[Mono-dev] [PATCH] mono debugger for Mac OS X

Miguel de Icaza miguel at novell.com
Tue Apr 21 16:06:08 EDT 2009

Hello Jonas,

    Some feedback on the patches


	* In general, they are missing ChangeLog entries that document
	  what the changes are.   In particular it would be useful
	  to document the rationale behind the changes in the signal
	  definitions in the libgc directory.

	* The coding style should adhere to the Mono coding style,
  	  for example isInited should become "is_initialized", for
	  more info:


	  It is not clear why that change was needed in the first
	  place, so a ChangeLog entry here would help.   Since we
	  have not ran into this in the past, I suspect that this 
	  might be hiding a problem elsewhere.

	* The change to mono/mini/Makefile.am probably should be 
	  a platform_ldflags and be set in configure.in instead
	  to avoid yet another if macro there

	* The tests/tests-config change, why is that necessary?
	  The proper change would be to use os specifiers there
	  see the mono-config(5) man page for details.


	* The reason why the configure.in test for PLATFORM_X86_DARWIN
	  does not work is that this is an autoconf macro that is
	  only exposed to the automake world (the Makefile.am) and it
	  is not available during configure time.   

	  Inside configure.ac or  configure.in you must use the shell-
	  level variables that you defined (the ones that actually
	  detected PLATFORM_x86_DARWIN).


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