[Mono-dev] Mono.Webserver Patch and Unit Tests

Bryan Bell bryan.w.bell at gmail.com
Sun Apr 19 04:49:01 EDT 2009

I've made a small patch to the Mono.WebServer.ApplicationServer and
Mono.WebServer.VPathToHost classes to slightly change the behavior when a
wildcard, '*', is used. With the patch the following works as expected

That is when a user goes to test.softpointsolutions.net the web app in
/home/bbell/html/test is loaded and run. I made the patch since I want to
host multiple subdomains as separate applications and I do not want to
modify a configuration file when a new subdomain is used.

What I want to know is if anyone has unit tests for the classes in the
Mono.WebServer namespace. And if not what I should do to verify that my
patch works as expected before possible submitting it.

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