[Mono-dev] Use eglib as a default for mono 2.6

Miguel de Icaza miguel at novell.com
Thu Apr 16 18:53:45 EDT 2009

> Why not take the same route as GNU libiconv? The eglib headers could  
> #define GLib symbols to have a mono_ prefix, distinguishing them from  
> any real GLib symbols that might get linked in somewhere. Mono's  
> runtime code would then not need to be touched and one could still  
> choose to link against original GLib.

This approach would work to minimize the amount of work required, but it
would still break the public API as the symbols would not be the same
and a user mixing both might have interesting compilation/linking

Luckily there are not that many public uses of the GLib data types in
Mono's public header files, so when we decide to break the API for
embedding we can do this at the same time.

I personally would like to see also migrate from the glib-provided data
types to stdint.h provided datatypes where possible.


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