[Mono-dev] Monoco, couroutines and Mono.

Miguel de Icaza miguel at novell.com
Thu Apr 16 18:49:02 EDT 2009


> Nice. I quickly looked at the code, looks like you (or Paolo?) quite much 
> rewrote the whole thing =).

It was Paolo.

> However, I grant everyone rights to do anything they want with my 
> microthreading code, so please host them on Mono's repository if you think 
> it'll help people.

One last thing: what license is the code under?   

Would you be willing to license it as MIT X11?

> And I'm still of the opinnion that this stack-copying is more of an 
> interesting hack, than something people should really use =).

There are definitely other frameworks that might be used in other
circumstances.   For instance SecondLife uses an entirely different
system as they need support for serializing state and suspending
execution without the cooperation from the code being executed.

I asked Paolo to bring your continuation framework into Mono in a way
that we could support it in the future since this so many game
developers have asked us to put this in Mono.  It is probably the most
requested feature and it does work for their needs.


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