[Mono-dev] Cross Compiling Mono for MIPS

dwragan dwragan at gmail.com
Thu Apr 16 10:39:39 EDT 2009

I have been trying to cross compile mono 2.4 for a MIPS architecture.  I am
pretty close to having it done.  There are a few spots that I had to add
code to get it to compile, but the mono base is compiling now, but erroring
when it gets to the docs directory.

Here is what I had to do to get it to the point I am at now:

1. mono_cv_uscore in the configure file was not getting set correctly when
configuring for cross compile, so I added a line that just sets it to no.

2.  I had to edit config.h, by changing MONO_SIZEOF_SUNPATH from 0 to 108. 
I haven't found the configure option to set this for me.

3.  In mono/metadata/assembly.c, rindex was being used, which has porting
issues, changed it to use strrchr instead.

4.  In mono/mini/aot-compiler.c, for the preprocessor directive that
determines if aot is disabled is missing an empty mono_xdebug_init function
in the else block.  I added the missing function.

Now for where I am currently at.  For some reason when make reaches the docs
directory it fails on creating convert.exe, but if I run the line myself, it
works.  Rerun make and it fails on the next item in the docs make file for
running mdoc, run it manually it works fine.  I added the EXTERNAL_MCS and
EXTERNAL_RUNTIME to the make command.  I am not sure why it is failing.

Secondly, when going through the Removing Unneeded Data section on
http://mono-project.com/Small_footprint, when you run "make minimal
MINIMAL_LOCALES=en_US", it can't connect to
http://primates.ximian.com/~jackson to download the icu_langs.tar.gz file. 
Has this file been located somewhere else?

Lastly, the mono binary is being compile dynamically even though I added the
-static flag to LDFLAGS.  Is there something else I have to do compile mono


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