[Mono-dev] ..mscorlib.dll was not found compiling mono from sources

buhochileno at gmail.com buhochileno at gmail.com
Wed Apr 15 13:14:15 EDT 2009

Hi Toshio,

Some good news, I'm allmost going to cry (but this time due to hapiness 
:-) ... (apologies to write also directly to your mail but don't know if 
the attach is going to arrive to the mailing list)

Ok, it seems that previous koji packages was builded in someway that 
prevent that the MD debugger addins  to work (probably some static lib 
feature disable). Currently I have mono core 2.4-17.fc11.i586 and I 
compile the last monodevelop sources from svn and the debugger addins 
are working!!! and seems very stable, so is a good time to make the 
debugger addins RPM's...(still the same issue about mscorlib compiling 
mono, but just monodevelop compilation is posible..)

In a separate test, knowing that the mono-core is prepare to be used in 
conjuntion with the MD addins and to try to just add the addins as RPM 
for current MD koji rpm..., I try to rebuild the debugger addins for MD 
from opensuse again to speed things up, the gdb RPM can be rebuilded 
using the modified attached .spec file (actually is just a architecture 
modification the original one use "noarch", no idea how to deal with 
that with rpmrebuild on fedora, so I changes to "i386" instead)..after 
the rpm is rebuilded is posible to install and the monodevelop installed 
using the koji rpm is able to debug  C programs!!. Not the same luck 
with the mdb monodevelop addin, using the content of the opensuse rpm 
package is posibloe to compile and install the addins, but later MD 
(also using koji packages) is not able to debug manages code (a least 
don't crash). Rebuild the mdb addins package was not posible for me and 
my poor rpm building process knowledge...

Hope that this info can speed things up on fedora to include proper 
debugger support for monodevelop...

Cheers and let me know if I can help in something else...


Toshio Kuratomi wrote:
> buhochileno at gmail.com wrote:
>> Toshio Kuratomi wrote:
>>> Have you taken a look at the Fedora packages?  Fedora-10 has mono-2.2
>>> and monodebugger
>> argh, as I explain in all my post, the goal is have the monodevelop 
>> debugger addins, so yes I know about the fedora 10 and koji fedora 11 
>> packages, but those don't include the monodevelop debugger addins. Also 
>> as I explain in a later post, is posible to compile just monodevelop 
>> using the mono core installed by the f11 koji packages, but the 
>> monodevelop debugger addins don't work and claims about:
>> ## DebuggerServer started
>> EXCEPTION: Mono.Debugger.TargetException: Unsupported `mono' executable: 
>> /usr/bin/mono
>> So, probably the RPM guys seems to be compiling mono core in some way 
>> that make imposible for the debugger addin to work...
> That's a possibility.  Do you know what configure switch would do that?
>> So what are my options?, try to to compile ALL by mysefl to no depend on 
>> koji things...but here is where the mscorlib problem came in...
> Sure.  So if you have a problem compiling mono itself and the rpm guys
> are getting mono itself to compile on the platform you're interested in,
> you should take a look at what they're doing.  You can see what sequence
> of commands they're using to compike, what configure options they're
> giving, and what patches they're applying.  Then you can make sure you
> don't apply whatever it is that's causing mono-debugger to malfunction
> while finding out how they are able to build.
>>> I've just finished building mono-2.4 for Fedora-11 which might have
>>> additional things that are necessary if you're building from mono's trunk.
>> By the way, this is a question about the mscorlib problem compiling 
>> mono, I'm pretty tired about the fedora support for mono, so please 
>> don't tell me to wait until something that is going to come for fedora 
>> and things that "might have", I prefer to try to solve directly the 
>> compilation things and posible make my own paquages for the Univ.
> I'm not doing that at all.  I'm telling you -- if you have a problem
> compiling the mono package on Fedora; there's a repeatable recipe for
> getting mono to compile on Fedora in existence.  Comparing it to what
> you're doing will help you find out what you're missing.
> BTW, if you get this to work, the monodevelop packager in Fedora would
> likely be interested in a bug report.  If the problem is a configure
> switch to the mono build, you can email me and I'll get it in.
> -Toshio

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