[Mono-dev] ..mscorlib.dll was not found compiling mono from sources

buhochileno at gmail.com buhochileno at gmail.com
Wed Apr 15 12:04:34 EDT 2009

Hi again,

Toshio Kuratomi wrote:
> buhochileno at gmail.com wrote:
>> Toshio Kuratomi wrote:
>>> Have you taken a look at the Fedora packages?  Fedora-10 has mono-2.2
>>> and monodebugger
>> argh, as I explain in all my post, the goal is have the monodevelop 
>> debugger addins, so yes I know about the fedora 10 and koji fedora 11 
>> packages, but those don't include the monodevelop debugger addins. Also 
>> as I explain in a later post, is posible to compile just monodevelop 
>> using the mono core installed by the f11 koji packages, but the 
>> monodevelop debugger addins don't work and claims about:
>> ## DebuggerServer started
>> EXCEPTION: Mono.Debugger.TargetException: Unsupported `mono' executable: 
>> /usr/bin/mono
>> So, probably the RPM guys seems to be compiling mono core in some way 
>> that make imposible for the debugger addin to work...
> That's a possibility.  Do you know what configure switch would do that?
acording to a post in the list, guys are having simillar problems when 
mono is compiled with "--disable-static", do you know if is used when 
the fedora rpm packages are compiled/created?
>> So what are my options?, try to to compile ALL by mysefl to no depend on 
>> koji things...but here is where the mscorlib problem came in...
> Sure.  So if you have a problem compiling mono itself and the rpm guys
> are getting mono itself to compile on the platform you're interested in,
> you should take a look at what they're doing.  You can see what sequence
> of commands they're using to compike, what configure options they're
> giving, and what patches they're applying.  Then you can make sure you
> don't apply whatever it is that's causing mono-debugger to malfunction
> while finding out how they are able to build.
yeap I'm looking at he link that you send me to check that...
>>> I've just finished building mono-2.4 for Fedora-11 which might have
>>> additional things that are necessary if you're building from mono's trunk.
>> By the way, this is a question about the mscorlib problem compiling 
>> mono, I'm pretty tired about the fedora support for mono, so please 
>> don't tell me to wait until something that is going to come for fedora 
>> and things that "might have", I prefer to try to solve directly the 
>> compilation things and posible make my own paquages for the Univ.
> I'm not doing that at all.  I'm telling you -- if you have a problem
> compiling the mono package on Fedora; there's a repeatable recipe for
> getting mono to compile on Fedora in existence.  Comparing it to what
> you're doing will help you find out what you're missing.
sorry if I sound to hard, but honestly I'm pretty tired about the poor 
support of fedora for the mono things, I also offer me and my Univ help 
to some of the koji packages guys, but they don't take it...
> BTW, if you get this to work, the monodevelop packager in Fedora would
> likely be interested in a bug report.  If the problem is a configure
> switch to the mono build, you can email me and I'll get it in.
> -Toshio
Thanks Toshio


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