[Mono-dev] New Mono API status pages.

Miguel de Icaza miguel at novell.com
Tue Apr 14 17:10:05 EDT 2009


> I know but the old status pages did not check IL for NIEs; they used the
> presence of MonoTODO (and related) custom attribute to detect incomplete or
> missing implementations. I actually prefer this approach.

I think I did a pass a few months ago where I moved
NotImplementedException throwing code from the toplevel into a helper
routine for those places that are supposed to throw an NIE.

Perhaps this needs some tuning.

Or if things are too bad, we can drop showing the NIEX data.

> > > * argument name mismatches are no longer reported (this will become  
> > > more
> > > important as C# 4.0 now supports named parameters too)
> >
> > Yeah, in the future we will add a new option (just like we now have  
> > two modes of comparison) to sort this out.
> OK, great.
> Gert

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