[Mono-dev] ..mscorlib.dll was not found compiling mono from sources

Paul Johnson pjohnson1 at uclan.ac.uk
Tue Apr 14 11:22:21 EDT 2009


Paul F. Johnson
Lecturer in Chemistry, Biology and IT
FoundatiON Campus
>>> "buhochileno at gmail.com" <buhochileno at gmail.com> 14/04/09 3:36 PM >>>
Hi guys:

I'm desperately trying to compile mono from last svn sources (Revision: 
131666) and I'm getting:

Why not use the rpms for mono from rawhide (currently at 2.4RC1 due to problems building on PPC/PPC64 with the full 2.4 release)?

I'm trying desperately to use the MD debugger addin on my Fedora 10, MD 
compilation work using  mono RPM's but then the debugger service claims 
about a invalid mono excutable...now trying to compile also mono is 
claiming this, plase a little help!!!

Have you built the 2.0 version of MD? IIRC, you need them for the the likes of the MD debugger to work. mono-debugger works fine from rawhide.



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