[Mono-dev] Using libJIT in Mono Instead of LLVM

Kirill Kononenko kirill.kononenko at gmail.com
Sun Apr 5 06:15:57 EDT 2009

Hello Everyone,

I have already sent two emails in this mailing list. Most likely their
will be not accepted here. So I want to ask your opinion, about a
possible cooperation of using libJIT as another engine for Mono
instead of LLVM. It has already been tested with the Portable.NET JIT,
and has proven that it is a good concept. I am sure that libJIT can be
extended very easily to really beat all Mono benchmarks, and feet
other user needs. Also if an integration with gcc will be considered,
even more people will benefit. I think with current economic situation
it is to the best of everyone to share code, and cooperate. We could
explore various options, for example how we could suit better needs of
Mono users, and .NET users on open source/free software platforms. I
am really sure that a cooperation could benefit everyone, and everyone
wins at the end.


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