[Mono-dev] Building VisualBasic Runtime .NET 1.1 Profile (v

Stefan Mecke news.mecke at buchert-wf.de
Thu Oct 30 13:32:03 EDT 2008


I recently managed to compile Mono 2.0.1 on Solaris 9 (Sparc) to upgrade 
from my ancient version 1.0.5.

Trying to run one of my existing applications leeds to this error:

$>/opt/mono2exe/bin/mono bin/TestApp.exe

** (bin/TestApp.exe:27462): WARNING **: The following assembly 
referenced from TestApp/bin/bupInfoLib.dll could not be loaded:
      Assembly:   Microsoft.VisualBasic    (assemblyref_index=1)
      Version:    7.0.5000.0
      Public Key: b03f5f7f11d50a3a
System error: Fehler 0

Okay, i forgot to install mono-basic. So i downloaded it, compiled, 
installed. The problem persisted.

Unfortunately it only contains the .NET 2.0 version of the assembly 

I already tried to modify the top-level Makefile from
PROFILES = default net_2_0
PROFILES = default net_2_0 net_1_1
but that doesn't seem to work.

So my question: How do i build Microsoft.VisualBasic, Version: 
7.0.5000.0? Could I use old sources? Or is it a bug?


PS: Recompiling my apps all at once is not really an option.

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