[Mono-dev] help needed please for ASP.NET migration to mono 2.0

Joe Audette joe_audette at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 16 10:58:29 EDT 2008

2008/10/16 mike horsley <mhorsley at vqlive.com>:
> If I access my default.aspx page now, I no longer get the errors and see the
> status bar at the bottom which says "transferring data from local host"
> which then changes to "waiting for local host". Nothing furher happens.
> I've managed to set up the mono-control tool and that works but doesn't give
> me much additional information.

> The ASP.NET application is straight off VS 2005; it works fine under MS. It
> contains AJAX.NET. I've renamed Bin to bin. Given that nothing really
> happens, could it be something basic like its not compiling under mono on
> the first reference to the site?

If your app includes the MS System.Web.Extensions.dll in your bin
folder, you should delete it because it can't run on Mono and will
throw an error if you try to include it in the bin. Mono has its own
copy in the GAC so deleting the one in the bin may help.

If your app also depends on Microsoft.Web.Preview.dll, I'm not sure
whether its supported, but again if its included in your bin folder it
will prevent the app from running.

probably there are errors you can review in the apache error log.
You can get more info about what is happening with your app if you run
it from the command line using xsp.
Open a terminal cd into your web root folder and enter the command:
MONO_OPTIONS="--debug " xsp2

Now you can open a browser http://localhost:8080 to see run app and
errors and or debug info will be shown in the terminal

Hope it helps,


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