[Mono-dev] help needed please for ASP.NET migration to mono 2.0

mike horsley mhorsley at vqlive.com
Thu Oct 16 10:13:00 EDT 2008



We use mono already for our server based software and its working well. With
2.0, we're starting migrating our ASP.NET application over as well.


I'm using the VMWARE image for 2.0


Initially, I read the "welcome to mono" page on the VM and followed the
"copy you asp.net code to a folder under '/srv/www/htdocs'" instructions and
went to the local host URL and got a variety of errors (including one which
was the giveway that firefox didn't know what to do with an aspx file)


I then dug around and found the mojoportal site; backtracked into the
/etc/apache2/conf.d folder, found the conf file and the 'webapp' config file
under /etc/xsp/2.0/applications_available and copied them and modified to
suite my application.


If I access my default.aspx page now, I no longer get the errors and see the
status bar at the bottom which says "transferring data from local host"
which then changes to "waiting for local host". Nothing furher happens.


I've managed to set up the mono-control tool and that works but doesn't give
me much additional information.


The ASP.NET application is straight off VS 2005; it works fine under MS. It
contains AJAX.NET. I've renamed Bin to bin. Given that nothing really
happens, could it be something basic like its not compiling under mono on
the first reference to the site?


Help would be greatly appreciated.




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