[Mono-dev] [WF] who is involved in Workflow develop?

Federico Ballan federico_ballan at yahoo.it
Thu Oct 9 04:35:56 EDT 2008

Sorry in advance for my english: I hope this is the correct mailing list for 
my question on Workflow.

I'm a developer for vending machine and automation control on Windows 
Workflow Foundation: now our products are Ms Windows based but we are 
thinking about porting proects on Linux so on Mono.

I wish to known some details on next Mono Workflow implementation and I wish 
to  notify some actual limitation (i think the name is BUG) on original 
Microsoft Workflow Visual Studio Designer (if those bugs are relevant for 
Mono Develop)

I already notify these bugs on Microsoft Connect so you may see them 
directly on those site.

- StateMachineWorkflow designer is too slow

- StateMachineWorkflow designer autoredraw move nested states outside 

In general you may search for bugs in Workflow signed by 'fedeballan', my 
nickname in Microsoft Connect.

Thank You.

Federico Ballan

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