[Mono-dev] mono 2.0, solaris x86, bootstrap

pablosantosluac at terra.es pablosantosluac at terra.es
Wed Oct 8 11:47:45 EDT 2008

Hi all,

After one week going crazy with the Solaris x86 build, Geoff Norton has 
found what was going wrong.

It wasn't monolite.

It seems I have a wrong define in glibconfig.h

-bash-3.00$ grep G_BYTE_ORDER *
glibconfig.h:#define G_BYTE_ORDER G_BIG_ENDIAN
-bash-3.00$ pwd

I'll replace it by G_LITTLE_ENDIAN!

So, I'm using the packages from blastwave.org (someone told me to use these ones instead of the "sunfreeware" ones), but it seems they're broken.

Now my question is: where should I be getting the packages from? Which ones are you (guys able to build on Solaris x86 or OpenSolaris) using?????

If I get to the point to compile it I'll try to write all the steps... :-P


Miguel de Icaza escribió:
> Hello,
>>> The above is actually a really good reason why we do not spend more
>>> cycles on Solaris/SPARC.
>>> The machines are overpriced, and underperforming.  It is like buying an
>>> iPhone, just not as useful.
>> This is the most stupid thing I've seen in a while.  Go to a bank and 
>> take a look in the
>> datacentre. Hurry, before they go out of business. :-(
> Well, maybe banks should not have been buying overpriced stuff, like
> debt, or SPARC computers.
> We do support it, and I wish we could do more, because I do like the
> SPARC architecture, but with its current pricing I have zero desire on
> buying more overpriced slow hardware.
> But if people want to donate expensive SPARC computers to the project,
> we could certainly use them.
>> This is a question of user need vs developer convenience. I think your 
>> attitude is
>> inappropriate if you want to push Mono as a realistic alternative to 
>> Java.  Which
>> does work rather well on Solaris.
> You are under the mistaken impression that our goal is to replace other
> technologies.   We are not trying to compete with Java, if you are happy
> with Java, keep using Java.   And if you are happy with Ruby, or Python,
> or C++, more power to you.
> We are offering a platform that might suit some people, and we are
> trying to maximize developer pleasure and enjoyment when they write and
> maintain software.
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