[Mono-dev] problem building mono, can't get monolite to work

pablosantosluac at terra.es pablosantosluac at terra.es
Fri Oct 3 19:44:45 EDT 2008

Hi Andreas,

Got rid of the included "mcs" command.

Then I was able to get a little bit further... (the first option 
--with-sigaltstack=no was not yet tried)

Now the "Makefile" inside mcs seems to have a problem or something:

make: Fatal error in reader: Makefile, line 2: Unexpected end of line seen

Andreas Färber escribió:
> Pablo,
> Am 03.10.2008 um 00:10 schrieb pablosantosluac at terra.es:
>> Ok, I'm using the included one but, any clue why I can't get the
>> monolite to work?
> I did post some suggestions already that you haven't reported back on...
> * Use --with-sigaltstack=no - it tried to use it on my boxes and 
> crashed at runtime
> * Try without libgc - if you don't want to try vanilla Boehm GC, use 
> --with-gc=none (it's the only way to rule out the GC as source of errors)
> * Rename Sun's `mcs` executable (Modular... whatever) or remove it 
> from $PATH so that it's not detected in the first place
> You can use monolite, I did so myself on Solarises. You can't get it 
> to work however because in your configuration the Mono runtime crashes 
> while trying to execute mcs.exe from monolite to compile 
> basic-profile-check.exe. Copying over assemblies from elsewhere or 
> compiling new assemblies with an old runtime will not fix your new 
> runtime. Trust me, you do need to recompile the runtime with some set 
> of options that makes it work. If you don't want to play with those 
> options, then please don't complain. ;)
> Andreas

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