[Mono-dev] [Solved] Question about AjaxToolkit and System.Web.Extensions on Mono

Karel Tamayo eddyk832005 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 2 10:03:21 EDT 2008

Thanks to Onur Gumus and Marek for the fast reply and support.
The problem I was facing was not so hard. I'm posting my experience to the
list just in case that some novice on mono, like me, is having the same

The problem is that I was using a System.Web.Extensions.dll version that I
had when I downloaded mojoPortal some time ago. So, the website was working
and no exceptions were thrown but the script resources were not loading
properly to the browser. That's why the Firefox Error Console was showing
the exception message generated by the toolkit:

 The Asp.NET Ajax Client Side Framework could not be load!

So thanks again everybody for the tips. :-)

Best regards and good luck,
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