[Mono-dev] MD not packaging binaries correctly though it could be mono at fault

Paul paul at all-the-johnsons.co.uk
Sun Nov 30 14:37:05 EST 2008


> What error? You're too vague with what is going wrong for a solution
> to be proposed.

On Linux, the binary compiles without an issue and other than not having
focus (so the game can't actually be played), it runs without issue.

If I transfer the binary to a windows box, the game starts, but as soon
as you click "Start Game", an error comes up saying that a resource file
is missing (it is the background for the game area).

If the source is then rebuilt using VS 2005 or 2008, the resulting
binary works without issue under both Win32 and Linux.

I'm unsure if the resource file problem is a resgen issue or an MD
issue. The keys one is a winforms problem.


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