[Mono-dev] SPAM-LOW: NUnit migration and test failure status

Charlie Poole charlie at nunit.com
Fri Nov 28 01:18:16 EST 2008

Hi Atsushi, 

> The only pattern I am concerned is the one with (possible) 
> NUnit run changes. NUnit 2.4.8 now requires -noshadow to get 
> our tests run fine.
> This also happens under .NET (i.e. make run-test-ondotnet) 
> even without -noshadow, so I am rather afraid that NUnit 
> 2.4.8 unlike 2.2.0 cannot handle it.

As you probably know, -noshadow is a kluge, mostly intended 
for people who are using third-party software they are unable
to modify. Are you able to identify what the code is doing
that makes it need -noshadow? Usually it has to do with 
looking for data files in the directory from which the
assembly was loaded or on a path relative to it.


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