[Mono-dev] Typed dataset serialization still failing in mono 2.0.1

marcos b marcosb at internet.com.uy
Wed Nov 26 06:37:08 EST 2008

I have an extremelly simple typed dataset generated using vs 2005 with one
datatable with a simple column 
When I try to run this test I get the following exception (I get the same
error using vs 2008 typed dataset)

System.ArgumentException : The given name 'MyDataTable' matches atleast two
namesin the collection object with different namespaces 

        public void SimpleTypedDataSetSerialization() 
            MyDataSet ds = new MyDataSet();             

            BinaryFormatter f = new BinaryFormatter(); 
            MemoryStream ms = new MemoryStream(); 
            f.Serialize(ms, ds); 

            ms.Position = 0; 
            ds = (MyDataSet)f.Deserialize(ms);             

It's extremelly important for me to have the possibility of serializing and
deserializing typed datasets for the migration of my application to the mono
platform. So I would be very happy to know if this issue is going to be
addressed soon.

I have posted the same issue a couple of months, even a file the bug in mono
bugzilla but, but nothing happened.

The idea of the mono platform is great, but no supporting simple code like
the posted above can make someone to give up porting his .net application to
the linux world.

Thanks in advance
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