[Mono-dev] some issues need to be clarified

Ray Wang rawang at novell.com
Mon Nov 24 22:18:30 EST 2008

Hello folks, 

I have a customer who want to migrate from MS Windows to Linux, but some of their critical products are based on .net,
and there are some problems they are concerned:

1) Does "Garbage Collection" in Mono conform to that in .NET CLR? How to monitor "Garbage Collection" on SUSE Linux?
2) Are there corresponding libraries and resources with MS? If not,  how to handle that?
    a) MS Message Queue
    b) MS Distributed Transaction Coordinator
3) Does Mono support Remoting?
4) About xsp:
    a) Does it support JIT?
    b) Does it support custom HttpHandler and HttpModule?
    c) Does it support all server controls?
5)   Are they in mono well supported?
    a)   Generic Type (including the inheritance from generic base class)
    b)   anonymous delegate
6)   Is there a well documented material abouts mono optimization,  e.g. every parameter's explanation; which parameters should be changed when tons of data come in
7)   Does Mono support ISAPI?
8)   How Mono support large scale centralize deployment. (Microsoft provides wmi and adsi)
9)   on the same hardware platform and same functionality, what about the comparison on concurrency and stress between mono application server and MS server?


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