[Mono-dev] How to get Mono.Simd

Bart Masschelein masschel at gmail.com
Wed Nov 19 16:00:48 EST 2008


I wanted to play a bit with Mono.Simd, but it seems that forces don't  
allow me. I have mono 2.0.1 installed using MacPorts, and in there I  
cannot find the assembly. I checked out the mono trunk of mono and  
mcs, but there didn't seem to be a straightforward way to compile the  
Mono.Simd assembly. Straightforward as in 'only compile  
Mono.Simd' (although compiling everything gave me troubles as well).  
So I went for the latest monocharges (http://mono.ximian.com/daily/),  
and there I found the assembly. But when I use the assembly in  
MonoDevelop, autocompletion only gives me two available Vector  
classes, which is confirmed when I use Cecil to analyze the assembly:

    <Module>  Class
    Consts  Abstract, Sealed, BeforeFieldInit
    Locale  Sealed, BeforeFieldInit
    Mono.Simd.ShuffleSel Mono.Simd Public, Sealed
    Mono.Simd.Vector4f Mono.Simd Public, SequentialLayout, Sealed,  
    Mono.Simd.Vector4u Mono.Simd Public, SequentialLayout, Sealed,  

, namely Vector4f and Vector4u. What is going wrong? Shouldn't I get  
many more, according to http://tirania.org/blog/archive/2008/Nov-03.html? 
  And there seems to be more missing then only those Vector types.

Any ideas?


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