[Mono-dev] Compiling gladeui-sharp under Debian from trunk

Stephane Delcroix stephane at delcroix.org
Tue Nov 18 08:01:40 EST 2008

gladeui-sharp is no longer maintained or used at all.

if you want to build gtk# interface with glade, the libglade support
exists in gtk-sharp.

check the doc for Glade.XML

GtkBuilder (glade replacement) is currently in gtk-sharp svn and will be
part of the gtk-sharp release soon.



On Tue, 2008-11-18 at 14:28 +0300, Alexander M. Batishchev wrote:
> Hello everybody,
> help me please, i'm stuck!
> I'm trying to compile gladeui-sharp from trunk (rev. 119141) under my
> Debian, but when i'm running autogen.sh i'm getting next error:
> checking for GLADEUI... configure: error: Package requirements
> (libgladeui-1.0 >= 2.90.0) were not met:
> No package 'libgladeui-1.0' found
> I have  installed libgladeui-1-7 and libgladeui-1-dev (version 3.4.5-3
> both). I can't find anything more sounds like gladeui. What I have to
> install?
> ===
> Best regards,
> Alexander M. Batishchev
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