[Mono-dev] UIA Olive Reorganization at 1pm EDT

Brad Taylor brad at getcoded.net
Mon Nov 17 09:58:13 EST 2008


> As far as I understand, you already have support for MWF, right?

So far, we've implemented a portion of the UIA Provider specification
(basically implementing UIA for MWF controls), and we've developed a
Bridge between UIA and ATK, allowing GNOME Assistive Technologies to
access a limited set of MWF controls.

> Would it be possible to use your API to build some sort of GUI testing
> tool on Linux? I worked with some students last two years on the
> university who build a windows testing tool based on UIA on Windows, I
> think it would be great to port it to Linux since I'm not aware of
> many tools to do GUI testing on Linux (ok, maybe there's a solution
> for GTK but I doubt there is for MWF)

There are a few ATK-based testing tools, but as far as I know there
isn't anything for UIA yet, so something to fill that gap would be

I will mention though that any UIA testing tool or assistive technology
will use the UIA Client API, and we haven't started work on that yet.
Our tentative plans are to start work on that in February '09, and
possibly have it complete the next calendar year, but I can't make any

If you have any further questions or want to contribute, feel free to
pop in to #mono-a11y on Gimpnet.



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