[Mono-dev] Ideas for Mono on Windows

Jonathan Pobst monkey at jpobst.com
Wed Nov 12 11:03:11 EST 2008

Atsushi Eno wrote:
> Here is what I do for adding new source files into svn:
> - Update *.dll.sources file:
>    ls ../../build/common/*.cs */*.cs | sort > System.Foo.Bar.dll.sources
>    make
> - Collect which files should be mentioned in ChangeLog:
>    "svn diff FooBar.dll.sources"
>    -> copy the rectangle(s) on the console output
> - Add new files to svn (and svn propdel svn:executable):
>    copypaste those lines in "svn add" command line.
> Can these tasks ever easier by switching to your beautiful xml csproj?
> In MWF land did we create csproj->sources converter?

The upside of the mechanism I am using is that all of that would still 
work the same, because I am still using the .sources files instead of 
having a .csproj.  The downside is we still wouldn't have .csproj's, so 
it doesn't make working in VS any easier, it just makes it possible to 
build Mono for Windows in under two hours.

> Classlib hackers who uses Visual Studio: how do you do those tasks?

I manually add new classes to the project in VS.  Before I commit, I 
manually add those classes to the .sources file.  I then write my 
ChangeLog by hand.  I then commit using TortoiseSVN, where I just click 
the files I want to commit, and TortoiseSVN handles doing adds or 
commits or whatever.

In MWF, there is script that builds the .csproj from the .sources file, 
however it is written in bash, so it isn't usable on Windows without 
cygwin/bash.  Therefore, I just manually maintain my own .csproj.  This 
works for MWF because it is very rare at this point to add any new 
classes.  For other projects, that may not be true.


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