[Mono-dev] Ideas for Mono on Windows

Rolf Bjarne Kvinge rolflists at ya.com
Wed Nov 12 04:43:29 EST 2008


> As one of the true maintainers of classlibs I'm completely against
> ideas to drop cygwin support as it completely destroys my hacking life
> (note that I don't mean I dislike adding VS build support), but anyways
> here I agree with jpobst on the part to keep using dll.sources.
> Here is what I do for adding new source files into svn:
> - Update *.dll.sources file:
>    ls ../../build/common/*.cs */*.cs | sort >
> System.Foo.Bar.dll.sources
>    make
> - Collect which files should be mentioned in ChangeLog:
>    "svn diff FooBar.dll.sources"
>    -> copy the rectangle(s) on the console output
> - Add new files to svn (and svn propdel svn:executable):
>    copypaste those lines in "svn add" command line.
> Can these tasks ever easier by switching to your beautiful xml csproj?
> In MWF land did we create csproj->sources converter?

In MWF land there's a sources->csproj converter.

In vbnc land there's a vbproj->sources converter.

I guess it depends on whoever is maintaining the code. 

IMHO as a starter it would be nice to have csproj's for all classlibs in
svn, generated automatically in the makefiles (they way it's done in MWF),
especially now that MD doesn't seem to be able to open the Makefiles anymore
(this isn't only for VS people, it would be useful for MD people too).


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