[Mono-dev] test-System-2.0 test failure/timeout

Marc Christensen mchristensen at novell.com
Tue Nov 11 12:28:29 EST 2008

Hey everyone,

The test-System-2.0 test on branch and trunk has a time out error that 
is very persistent.  It's not an occasional timeout.  It happens more 
often than it doesn't.  We need to address this on both trunk and branch 
but especially today on branch before we build.

The error is here on trunk:


and here on branch:


While it's suspect that all the timeouts on this test are caused by the 
same issue, it is possible to see when they started.  I've attached the 
output from a script which searches logs for a specific error over the 
last 30 days.  It shows the builds in which the error started showing 
up.  The critical changes are where it initially started happening and 
when there was a time where it disappeared for a while and came back. 
There are a few of the second category.  While the first occurrence 
started between -r115599:115610.  It started happening more regularly 
between -r116743:117186.

Again the priority is to fix this on branch.  The change should be 
ported back to trunk and needs to be fixed before we build.

Thank you.

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