[Mono-dev] About System.Net.Security.SslStream

=?GB2312?B?s8LQ0Q==?= cxcxcxcx at gmail.com
Tue Nov 11 02:12:06 EST 2008

Hello! I'm using mono 1.9.2 and trying to write a small program using
SslStream. The program runs as server side program.

I found if I write the program as
 serverCertificate = X509Certificate.CreateFromCertFile(certificate);
 SslStream sslStream = new SslStream(
                    false, SslProtocols.Tls, true);

I will get a  "Server certificate Private Key unavailable" error.

But if I use SslServerStream provided by Mono.Security and prepare a
pvk file and do as the monodoc says, it works. But certainly the
program won't run in .net framework.

Is it because the developing of SslStream not finished or is it a bug
of SslStream? Is there any way to write a program works with better
compatibility? Thanks.


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