[Mono-dev] Build / Release team meeting with Miguel notes...

Thomas Wiest twiest at novell.com
Mon Nov 10 19:17:41 EST 2008

Hey Guys,
    We had a Build / Release team meeting with Miguel today, and he 
asked me to send out the notes.

Meeting Notes:

* We don't want to stop the build bots during releases.
     - For Mono 2.0, we changed our releases to being built in the 
openSUSE build service, so this fixed the majority of the reasons we 
were stopping the build bots. For the last week, Andrew has been working 
on the last few issues, and is now confident that for Mono 2.2, we won't 
need to stop the build bots.

* Create a lane for building Olive
   - This has already been done, it's just that the web page isn't 
clear. The Olive builds are on the bottom of the page under the no-arch 

* We need to start building IronPython ourselves as the community 
edition isn't being updated on a regular basis.

* Make the Mono windows installer a smaller download
   - Split gtk# out into it's own component
   - Strip out the static libraries (the .a's)
   - Change the gtk# installer to install to both the MS and Mono GACs

* Change the Mono windows installer over to Wix so that it is an MSI

* Make the Mono OSX installer a smaller download
   - Make 2 packages
      1. Mono runtime / gtk#
      2. SDK (all of the static libs, MonoDevelop and everything else 
not in the Mono runtime)

* Publish ia64 builds for SLES

* Fix the Mono daily builds


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