[Mono-dev] Npgsql svn updated to 2.0.1

Miguel de Icaza miguel at novell.com
Thu Nov 6 21:50:16 EST 2008


> >        * It broke the API at least in the case of "version" which
> >          used to return a string, and now is a System.Version.
> >
> Whoops. Sorry for this problem. We changed that to be more like sqlclient.

Yeah, I figured it was something like that.

> >    An option would be to add an Npgsql2 directory and rename the
> > assembly accordingly and add its own .pc file;   Another option is to
> > prepare the Npgsql tarball or zip file to contain the .pc file and
> > distribute that as a separate package.
> >
> >    We can still distribute it from Novell for Mono users, but it might
> > reduce the load that we put on mcs/class (I have for a long time tried
> > to get this smaller, and I keep failing at this).
> >
> Well, I think that the idea is to have both projects working together
> without giving problems.
> So, to me, I think we can distribute Npgsql2 with its own .pc file
> (which I would need to learn how to create it).
> This would help you to get the load on mcs/class lower as you wouldn't
> need to keep both versions.

I think we would need from your side a couple of things:

	* Adding configure and makefile scripts so that developers
	  could download your zip files and compile them on Linux
	  and install the result on their systems

	* The resulting would gac the result.

	* The assembly should be renamed or re-versioned at least
	  so that it does not conflict with the older Npgsql that
	  we currently ship

	* The .pc file shipped with your program, this is a very
	  simple file that takes 5 minutes to write it just 
	  needs to describe the program, and how to reference the

I still have mixed feelings though;   I would like to distribute the new
Npgsql as part of Mono, because otherwise people are going to keep using
the old version that we currently distribute.

But it is another one of those libraries that we end up carrying

Maybe we need to create a `legacy' directory, and start moving old and
unmaintained code there.


> I don't see any negative point if Npgsql still being the Mono's
> official Postgresql .Net data provider be downloaded from Npgsql
> project site itself. Maybe in Mono download page, you could point
> directly to release file in Npgsql project.
> What do you think?

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