[Mono-dev] compiling mono using vs 2005

Miha Vrhovnik miha.vrhovnik at cordia.si
Thu Nov 6 13:35:31 EST 2008

Hi *,

I'm trying to compile a 2.2 version of mono from trunk.
I'm using VS 2005 Vista SP1 and Vista SDKs.. It seems tha Vista SDK no longer defines IMAGE_SIZEOF_BASE_RELOCATION 

found this as the solution in py2exe project

// Vista SDKs no longer define IMAGE_SIZEOF_BASE_RELOCATION!?

I'm trying to build Win32_Release_eglib release. genmdesc and monoburg projects are missing ;..\eglib\src from additional include directories path. Also eglib library is built too late for both those projects.
Also if for libmono project onlj project envirment variable could be set this would be perfect as most times VS just bails out when it doesn't find out eglib source/header files. Currently I fiyed that on local machine by adding full path to eglib src dir.

P.S. I'm not VS 2005 user. I'm just trying to compile it. Would like to use it from Delphi....


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