[Mono-dev] UIA Olive Reorganization at 1pm EDT

Brad Taylor brad at getcoded.net
Thu Nov 6 11:30:01 EST 2008

Hey Folks,

[Apologies for not using my Novell address -- I'm not subscribed to
m-d-l there.]

The Mono Accessibility team will be moving our assemblies
(UIAutomation{Types, Provider, Client, Bridge}) from olive into our
uia2atk module at 1pm EDT today in preparation for our upcoming v0.9

During this period, a bit of instability inside of olive and the uia2atk
modules should be expected, but we'll do our best to keep it to a

Any questions, comments, etc can be directed to me (brad in #monodev),
or you can join #mono-a11y to watch the move in real time.



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