[Mono-dev] WindowsBase in mcs

Alan McGovern amcgovern at novell.com
Wed Nov 5 10:03:36 EST 2008


Now that WindowsBase has been moved to mcs, I assume we want its NUnit tests to be run by the build bot. This poses two problems:

1) Most of the ZipPackage/Package tests will fail because libminizip.so doesn't exist. This needs to be compiled from source. How should this be integrated with the build? This will also have to be distributed with mono in some form.

2) minizip exposes 'long' types in it's public API. At the moment I've wrapped these as IntPtr types. This will run on all platforms except Win64. To resolve this, we'd need to create a wrapper API which exposes the 'long' types as int64_t.

Anyone have any suggestions/advice on these issues?


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