[Mono-dev] Newbie guide to debugging class libraries?

Tom Cannon tcannon at vmware.com
Fri May 30 13:51:06 EDT 2008

Newbie alert!  You have been warned.


I'm trying to debug some potential bugs in the class libraries and have hit a
wall.  From what I have gleaned from mono-project.com, there seem to be two
ways of doing this.


1) Build and debug using MSVS

2) Build with mono, debug with mdb


First I tried option 1, and found that some assemblies have project files
that load in VS (SWF for example), but many do not.  I would like to try the
second option, but can't figure out how to debug a class library build from
the make files.


Basically I'm looking for documentation on a day in the life of a mono class
library developer.  If that does not exist, could someone please answer the


- What is the preferred method of debugging mcs libraries?

- How do I make a debug build of a class library?

- How do I build the NUnit tests?




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