[Mono-dev] Building class libraries in MS Visual Studio?

Eyal Alaluf eyala at mainsoft.com
Wed May 28 04:19:36 EDT 2008

Hi, Tom.


You should probably use 'Mono.System.Web.Services.csproj'.
'System.Web.Services20.sln' is for working with Grasshopper

Since I am using Grasshopper or mono makes I cannot say what kind of
pitfalls you may hit when using 'Mono.System.Web.Services.csproj' (such
as how to install in .Net GAC etc.).

'System.Web.Services.vmwcsproj' is for Grasshopper version 1.0 and is
obsolete . Noam do you think it's time to remove it and its equivalents
in the other namespaces?




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I'm attempting to build and debug some of the class libraries using MS
Visual Studio, starting with System.Web.Services.
System.Web.Services20.sln claims to be a VS 2008 file, but none of the
project files will load in the IDE.  Is there some environment setup
that I'm missing?  Some questions that may be related:


- What is System.Web.Services.vmwcsproj for?

- In System.Web.Services20.csproj, what is the purpose of $(VMW_HOME)?





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